Welcome To Achman Restaurant

Food, glorious food… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… An army marches on its stomach… and so many other clichés that all centre around one of life’s
 necessities-eating. Without exception we aim to ensnure you into a truly unique, unforgettable cuisine experience. We combine the ancient with the modern and take you down 
the path to losing yourself in the exotic flavours of INDIA.
Vegetables are an integral part of our food and we consume in a number of ways. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven. India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty
 and nutritious vegetarion dishes. Indians like their vegetable curries real hot ’n’ spicy and so add a number of spices to make them really exotic. These are also prepared using 
different methods of cooking like baking, boiling, frying etc. We offer a number of tempting Indian vegetarian recipes of dishes like Navratan Curry, Kadai Paneer, Malai Kofta etc. 
to the connoisseurs of taste.
South Indian cuisine is rice based. Rice is combined with lentils to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These items are glorious and delicious besides being 
nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). They are combined with sambhar (dal), rasam (tamarind dal), dry and curried vegetable and pachadi (yogurt). South 
Indian chutneys are made of tamarind, coconut, peanuts, dal, fenugreek seeds, and cilantro. Meals are followed by coffee. South Indian dals and curries are more soupy than 
North Indian dal and curries. South Indian cuisine is also hotter.
  Our Best Dishes  
Idli bada
A Idli vada for the break fast and commanly used in south indian dished ....


Onion Dosa
"Onion Dosa" is a popular South Indian tiffin item.It is quite heavy and made .....

Navratan Curry
Navratan Curry is popular Indian Vegetarian curry. Vegetables, paneer and nuts are cooked in rich and subtle cashew gravy

Kadai Paneer
A hurried meal for the man in the street. This is a spicy blend of vegetables in ....